Would you do it all again?

Do you remember the day you started your own business – that feeling of anything is possible, coupled with a ‘school’s out’ freedom maybe?

Do you still feel like that when you’re a few years in? or is it maybe the case that you’re quite alarmed as to where the next job is coming from, or (hopefully) you’re overwhelmed with work and wondering how to get through it alive. Either way I expect that your plans have changed a great deal since you first set up.

The ability to duck and dive in business and deal with the unexpected is a key business strength for small business owners. I know quite a few who are now doing something completely different to what they started out doing – and often relishing the variety and the new challenges that a change of direction brings. However there are times when a regular wage, sick pay and paid holidays can look like a very good thing.

The other thing we can miss out on is self-development, something that an employer will often take care of for us. Without a formal programme to tap into, how do you learn, how do you grow? what keeps you in touch with the latest business thinking? There’s tried and trusted favourite routes – seminars, books, websites – and some people will have coaches or other business owners who they see and hold themselves responsible to.

But I suspect that the rest of us probably leave it to the bottom of the heap of a long list of worries and concerns of a much more pressing nature. How about you?

Of course you could always attend the Skillfair consultants conference to get yourselves up to speed and connect with your peers….early bird rate still available.

Skillfair Conference 2011

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